Between light and darkness,
spirit and matter

The Evolution(s) by Visible Music 

The Evolution (s) Original Concept, painting and virtual Art by Desmond Leung

The Evolution(s) by Visible Music is an unique collaboration between visual artist and musicians, who have come together to create a thought-provoking visual music show that explores the complexities of our world and the changes that are shaping our future. As we witness the rise of AI and the advancements in technology, we are also faced with the chaos of war and pandemic. Amidst it all, we ask ourselves, are we evolving as human beings? Through the artful transformation of visual notes and rhythms, the show takes us on a creative journey that offers a space for reflection, connection, and re-imagining. The show is divided into six parts, each exploring a different theme - from the chaos of the world, the Rise of AI to the transformative power of art and nature. Through the collaboration between visual artists and musicians, the show blends sight and sound seamlessly, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Ultimately, The Evolution(s) by Visible Music seeks to reconnect us with our humanity and guide us towards inner peace in a world that is rapidly evolving. 

Original Painting

Virtual Space Development

Virtual Art Making in virtual Space 

Date 10 -20 Aug 2023
Venue Free Space, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong