Between light and darkness,
spirit and matter


“Water is the main medium in my art practice, it defined my identity as a visual artist, the vibration of water provides a channel to the viewers, to trigger imagination, resonance and remembrance of who we are as human being throughout the infinite memory of time in universe.

Life flows with vibrating energy and abundance, I wish audience could experience the sense of bliss, exuberance and mindfulness through the flowing art, being empowered to face the challenge in the ever-changing era






“Everything in life is vibration.”

Albert Einstein

What if water would have a consciousness and memory?
If so, can water deliver
a message through vibration?

Deliver the message of love, peace and compassion through vibration.

如果水有意識和記憶 , 人可以通過水的振動頻率傳遞信息嗎?


Hand drawing of the water vibration installation concept

Sound based water vibration installation 

Water Vibration by the Mantra of Green Tara

Tara is a female Buddha and one of the most well-known goddesses in the Buddhist world - the goddesses of  compassion and the mother of liberation.
Tārā is also known as a healing goddess (especially as White Tārā) and as a goddess of nurturing quality and fertility.

She is known as the Mother of Mercy and Compassion. She is the source, the female aspect of the universe, which gives birth to warmth, compassion and relief from bad karma as experienced by ordinary beings in cyclic existence.
The artworks served as a channel to transenes the healing and blissful engery from the vibration of Tārā into a visible imagery, imagery can also transmit those blissful engery to the heart.