Between light and darkness,
spirit and matter

Sound Interactive
Art Concert

by Visible Music 

Rebuild Original Concept, painting and Sound interative art by Desmond Leung

Curator Thomas Lo
Music Jazz pianist Patrick Lui, the trio, featuring bassist Wong Tak-chung and drummer Dean Li

Organizer 432 1 Music

Show Date 1 - 3 Mar 2023
Venue Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre Hong Kong

“REBUILD by Visible Music” is the second captivating chapter of the “Visible Music.Touchable Notes” project. It seamlessly continues the narrative that began in the inaugural show, “The
Evolution(s).” In the first immersive art concert, we explored reimagined landscapes and ventured through chaos. Now, we dive deeper into a mindful experience, immersing ourselves in the
profound sense of vibration and rebuilding.

During this transformative experience, we reconnect with nature and attune ourselves to harmonious vibrations. By engaging with plants that emit resonant sound signals, we embark on a journey
where these signals guide our visual and auditory senses. Together, they choreograph a rhythmic dance with the natural world through improvisational visible jazz notes. This collective performance culminates in an immersive mural painting, where music notes
seamlessly transform into organic abstract painting elements.

Inspired by soil, water, sun, minerals, air, and light, these elements intricately dance in unison.

Simultaneously, we embark on the reconstruction of our bcommunity bond. The live audience becomes an integral part of this concert, contributing as living particles to a larger immersive painting. Every movement, whether it be by the artist, musician, or audience, becomes a dynamic and improvisational performance,
harmonized with authentic nature, jazz groove and interactive art.

“REBUILD” unfolds across multiple immersive levels throughout its captivating performance — Awareness, Vibration, and Community:

Rebuild Awareness: Witness the seasonal growth of virtual and physical plants, opening our senses to the immersive visual and sonic landscape.

Rebuild Our Vibration: Harmoniously activate the body through live 3D captured interactive rhythms, accompanied by harmonious
sound and visual vibrations.

Rebuild Our Community: Engage in a cozy live jazz performance with a multi-user, interactive experience. The audience becomes a vibrant array of particle lumens and earth elements, seamlessly blending into the unfolding larger landscape. Here, visible music, plants, and the audience join together in a harmonious synthesis
and celebration as one.

This concert combined with nature-inspired visual expressions and sound vibrations, serves as a powerful medium to nourish our hearts and souls during these uncertain times. It goes beyond the
conventional, offering a profound and collective experience that resonates beyond the boundaries of a typical music show.

 《見得到的音樂:重構》,是《見得到的音樂.觸得到的音符》沉浸式 藝 術 音 樂 會 系 列 的 第二個 篇章,延 續 首 場 演出《 進.化》的 敘 事。


在這個變革性的體驗中,我們重新點燃與大自然的連結,調整自己到一種和諧的振動。與發出共鳴聲音信號的植物互動,我們踏上一段旅程,其中這些信號引導我們的視覺和聽覺感官。,我們踏上一段旅程,其中 這些信號引導我們的視覺和聽覺感官。透過即興的可見爵士音符,編排出與自然世界的韻律舞蹈。這場表演以一幅沉浸式互動風景壁畫達到巔峰。音樂無縫地變化成有機的抽象壁畫元素,從土壤、水、太陽、 礦物、空氣和光粒子中汲取靈感,並一起優雅地共舞。

與此同時,我們著手重建我們的社區聯繫。現場觀眾經歷了一個轉變的過程,成為貢獻於更大的沉浸式繪畫的光粒子。藝術家、音樂家和觀眾的每一個動作都成為一場動態的即興表演,與真實的大自然、爵 士的韻律和互動藝術和諧一致。

《重構》跨越多個沉浸式層次 — 覺知、振動頻率和社區: 重構覺知:見證植物在虛擬和真實中季節性的生長,打開我們的感官, 融入沉浸式的視覺和音景。




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