Desmond Leung Kar Hao explores the wisdom of water by merging the mediums of abstract painting, moving image, digital sculpture and virtual reality into a multidimensional flowing art form. Through the vibration of water, Leung rediscovered the joy of creation and limitless abundance of life.

Leung attempts to develop the contemporary holistic Art which intertwines energy, nature, mindful aesthetic and technology into new visual language, exploring how Holistic art can inspire today’s society, express a cosmic view of the oneness and create an artistic space for mindfulness.

Leung’s work has been exhibited and art commissioned internationally. Selected exhibitions and festivals including 29ROOMS ASIA 2023, Garden By the Bay, Singapore; Interactive Ink Art Installation The Bloom of Water Lilies commissioned by UOB, Art Central 2022; SAMSUNG Commissioned Virtual Art, 2021 - 2022; 2020, Essence of Suzhou, China; Art Basel Miami, 2019; Floating Memory, solo exhibition, Switzerland, 2019; Vienna Design Week, 2018; Maker Faire Ottawa, Canada Science and Technology Museum, 2018; HKAGA Art Symposium 2018; Art Central VR solo exhibition , Hong Kong, 2018; Public Art Screens, Norway, 2016; Elle Decor, Milan, 2016; CHANEL Digital Art Program, worldwide, 2012; Stonehenge New Media Arts Exhibition, Hong Kong, 2014; Media Pole Exhibition, South Korea, 2012; Resfest, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne and others.

梁嘉昊 (昊天 ) 是生於太平洋小島、成長於香港及澳洲的藝術家,受東西方文化影響,同時不受文化框限,以地球、大自然為根源,展示人在世界一體中的無限可能性。梁嘉昊以水為師,結合傳統與現代的元素,將水以抽象畫、動態影像、數碼雕塑及混合現實等媒介呈現,融合成為一種多維的藝術方式,從而探索水的智慧。

梁嘉昊在他的最新研究中,重點詮釋「整全觀」的表達及多維層面。在東方各家哲學理論中,皆以「整全觀」為主軸,如中國儒釋道皆重視天人合一,《南華經》齊物論曰:「天地與我並生,萬物與我為一」。梁的藝術創作著重透過能量、自然、正念、美學與科技的融合,探索何為整全藝術。他希望透過嶄新的藝術創作帶出合一的宇宙觀及正念的藝術空間,給予當今社會更深遠的啟發 。

昊天的作品已在全球多個大型藝術活動上展出,並成為國際的收藏品,包括新加坡 29ROOMS ASIA 2023; 香港 Art Central 2022《心墨相蓮》大華銀行委託互動水墨藝術裝置藝術; 2021-2022年 SAMSUNG 三星委託虛擬藝術, 2020年蘇州委託流動影畫藝術; 2019年邁阿密巴ART BASEL塞爾藝術展, 2019年瑞士的個人展;2018年的維也納設計周;2018年在加拿大科技館的渥太華創客展;2018年Art Central VR個人展, 2018香港畫廊協會藝術研討會;2016年挪威的公共銀幕藝術展;2016年米蘭的《Elle Decor》雜志;2012年全球香奈兒數碼藝術項目;2014年香港的巨石陣—新媒體藝術展;2012年首爾媒體展覽;2011年香港國際藝術展;2009年十月當代展;2006年深圳大聲展;2005年墨爾本澳大利亞動態影像中心數字短片節等。

Online Portfolio Preview (Spring 2021)
Full PDF version is available upon request.

Exhibitions & Screenings

2023 Evolution(s) by Visible Music, Free Space, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong
2023 Four Seasons, Digital Art Commissioned by Hang Seng Bank - Hong Kong ( In production )
2023 29 ROOMS ASIA, Garden By the Bay, Singapore
2022 The Bloom of Water Lilies, Interactive Ink Art installation, UOB, Art Central 2022, Hong Kong (Art Commission)
2022 Iridescence, Samsung Commissioned Virtual Art, Hong Kong (Art Commission)
2021 Digital Mindfulness Screening, Carlyle & Co, Rosewood Hong Kong
2020  Shamanism and Digitalisation Conference 2020, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe, Austria
2020  Essence of Suzhou, multi-projection, Suzhou, China  
2020 Bamboo’s Dream, Cheng Du, China
2019 Group Exhibition, Brown Hotel NYE, U.S
2019 Group Exhibition, Art Basel Miami, U.S
2019 Group Exhibition, Art Basel Art Activation, Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
2019 "The Flowing Memory" Solo Exhibition, dip contemporary art, Villa Principe Leopoldo, Lugano, Switzerland
2019 "Realities" AR exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 "Realities" AR exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania
2018 “Realties”, 5th Cheng Du Creativity & Design Week, CCNICEC, Chengdu, China
2018 "2018 HKAGA ART SYMPOSIUM", Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Hong Kong
2018 "Maker Faire Ottawa", The Canada Science and Technology Museum, Canada
2018 "Realties" AR exhibition, Vienna Design Week 2018, Vienna, Austria
2018 “The Dawn of Inner Reality", Parkview Art, Art Central, Central, Hong Kong
2017 “Art ShenZhen", Parkview Art, ShenZhen, China
2016 “Here is Zine. Here is Hong Kong", organised by PMQ, PMQ, Hong Kong
2016 “Public Art Screens", curated by Hege Tapio, i/o/lab, University of Stavanger, Norway
2016 “Soft Home", curated by Elle and Sedition, Palazzo Bovara, Milan, Italy
2015 “Methods of Art", curated by Johannes Hedinger and Nuria Krämer, Connecting Space,
Zurich University of the Arts, Hong Kong
2014 “Stonehenge - New Media Arts Exhibition", Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2014 “The Fleeting World", A solo exhibition, PMQ, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2013 “Works on Paper", The Cat Street Gallery, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2013 “Signal 8", The Cat Street Gallery, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2013 “Wonderworks", The Space, Sheung Wan, Curated by Mandy d’Abo, Hong Kong
2012 “Media Pole Exhibition", Gangnam, Curated by LVS Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, U.S
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, U.S
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", SoHo, Manhattan, New York, U.S
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", Ngee Ann City, Singapore
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", CHANEL Ginza Tower, Tokyo, Japan
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", IFC Pudong, Shanghai, China
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", Prince Building, Hong Kong
2011 “ART HK 11 – Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011, HKCEC, Hong Kong
2011 “Asian Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2011”, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong
2011 “Artist Studio & EASTPAK”, Harbour City, Hong Kong
2010 ART HK 10 – Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011, HKCEC, Hong Kong
2009 “Visual Music Hong Kong 2009”, KITEC, Hong Kong
2009 “New Media, New Thinking”, October Contemporary, I/O, Hong Kong
2007 “Project Canvas”, CommonSpace, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
2006 “GET IN LOUDER”, OCT Art & Design Gallery Shenzhen, China
2005 “Pixel Toy Science Of Live”, agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong
2005 “Resfest”, ACMI, Australian Center for the Moving Image, Australia
2004 “Krakowski International Film Festival”, Poland