Between light and darkness,
spirit and matter


Desmond Leung Kar Hao ( 梁嘉昊 ) is a multi-media artist exploring the realms of vibrational resonance, conscious awareness, and mindfulness through a diverse array of artistic mediums. With a focus on abstract painting, moving image, digital sculpture, and virtual technology, Leung Kar Hao has crafted a multidimensional art form that he defines as contemporary Holistic Art.

His creative pursuits are driven by a profound aspiration to develop an immersive visual language, one that captures the essence of Divine Nature and its impact on modern society. Through his unique blend of traditional and cutting-edge techniques, Leung Kar Hao seeks to expand human awareness and guide individuals towards inner peace amidst the tumultuous currents of our era.His artistic journey unfolds as a harmonious synthesis of spirituality, technology, and the expressive power of visual arts.

By pushing the boundaries of conventional artistic forms, Desmond Leung Kar Hao invites viewers to engage with a transformative experience that resonates with the complexities of our contemporary existence.With a global footprint, Leung's art has been exhibited and collected on an international scale, earning acclaim for its transformative and immersive qualities. Notable exhibitions and festivals include "The Evolution(s) by Visible Music" immersive art concert in Hong Kong (2023), 29ROOMS Asia exhibition in Singapore, and the commissioned Interactive Ink Art Installation "The Bloom of Water Lilies" at Art Central 2022, supported by UOB ( United Overseas Bank) .
Leung's journey has taken him to prestigious platforms such as Art Basel Miami (2019), a solo exhibition titled "Floating Memory" in Switzerland (2019), and engagements at Vienna Design Week (2018) and Maker Faire Ottawa at the Canada Science and Technology Museum (2018). His participation in the HKAGA Art Symposium in 2018 and a solo VR exhibition at Art Central Hong Kong in the same year further attest to his global impact.The artist's international presence extends to projects like public art screens in Norway (2016), features in Elle Decor in Milan (2016), and contributions to the CHANEL Digital Art Program worldwide (2012). Leung's work has been showcased at Stonehenge New Media Arts Exhibition in Hong Kong (2014), the Media Pole Exhibition in South Korea (2012), and Resfest at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne.In 2023, Hang Seng Bank commissioned Leung to create a series of immersive Naked Eye 3D digital artworks, a testament to his ability to bridge art and societal well-being by encouraging a deeper connection with nature and sustainable living practices.Desmond Leung Kar Hao approaches each project with humility and gratitude, expressing thanks for the ongoing support that has shaped his artistic endeavors. As a visionary artist, he remains dedicated to contributing meaningfully to the global dialogue of contemporary art.

Exhibitions & Screenings

2023 Evolution(s) by Visible Music, Free Space, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong
2023 Four Seasons, Digital Art Series Commissioned by Hang Seng Bank - Hong Kong
2023 29 ROOMS ASIA, Garden By the Bay, Singapore
2022 The Bloom of Water Lilies, Interactive Ink Art installation, UOB, Art Central 2022, Hong Kong (Art Commission)
2022 Iridescence, Samsung Commissioned Virtual Art, Hong Kong (Art Commission)
2021 Digital Mindfulness Screening, Carlyle & Co, Rosewood Hong Kong
2020  Shamanism and Digitalisation Conference 2020, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe, Austria
2020  Essence of Suzhou, multi-projection, Suzhou, China  
2020 Bamboo’s Dream, Cheng Du, China
2019 Group Exhibition, Brown Hotel NYE, U.S
2019 Group Exhibition, Art Basel Miami, U.S
2019 Group Exhibition, Art Basel Art Activation, Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
2019 "The Flowing Memory" Solo Exhibition, dip contemporary art, Villa Principe Leopoldo, Lugano, Switzerland
2019 "Realities" AR exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 "Realities" AR exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania
2018 “Realties”, 5th Cheng Du Creativity & Design Week, CCNICEC, Chengdu, China
2018 "2018 HKAGA ART SYMPOSIUM", Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Hong Kong
2018 "Maker Faire Ottawa", The Canada Science and Technology Museum, Canada
2018 "Realties" AR exhibition, Vienna Design Week 2018, Vienna, Austria
2018 “The Dawn of Inner Reality", Parkview Art, Art Central, Central, Hong Kong
2017 “Art ShenZhen", Parkview Art, ShenZhen, China
2016 “Here is Zine. Here is Hong Kong", organised by PMQ, PMQ, Hong Kong
2016 “Public Art Screens", curated by Hege Tapio, i/o/lab, University of Stavanger, Norway
2016 “Soft Home", curated by Elle and Sedition, Palazzo Bovara, Milan, Italy
2015 “Methods of Art", curated by Johannes Hedinger and Nuria Krämer, Connecting Space,
Zurich University of the Arts, Hong Kong
2014 “Stonehenge - New Media Arts Exhibition", Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2014 “The Fleeting World", A solo exhibition, PMQ, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2013 “Works on Paper", The Cat Street Gallery, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2013 “Signal 8", The Cat Street Gallery, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2013 “Wonderworks", The Space, Sheung Wan, Curated by Mandy d’Abo, Hong Kong
2012 “Media Pole Exhibition", Gangnam, Curated by LVS Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 "CHANEL Digital Art Program", Worldwide
2011 “ART HK 11 – Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011, HKCEC, Hong Kong
2011 “Asian Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2011”, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong
2011 “Artist Studio & EASTPAK”, Harbour City, Hong Kong
2010 ART HK 10 – Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011, HKCEC, Hong Kong
2009 “Visual Music Hong Kong 2009”, KITEC, Hong Kong
2009 “New Media, New Thinking”, October Contemporary, I/O, Hong Kong
2007 “Project Canvas”, CommonSpace, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
2006 “GET IN LOUDER”, OCT Art & Design Gallery Shenzhen, China
2005 “Pixel Toy Science Of Live”, agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong
2005 “Resfest”, ACMI, Australian Center for the Moving Image, Australia
2004 “Krakowski International Film Festival”, Poland